About me

My name is Justin and I am a photographer from Gosford, Australia.

My work consists mostly of contemporary scenes and objects that I find captivating enough to capture on film.
Ocasionally I will shoot live music and portraits.

I shoot mostly 35mm with an expansion into medium format currently under way.
I do have some of my digital work on this website although I no longer shoot with a digital camera.

Favourite films
I find myself picking up Kodak Portra 800 more than anything else at the moment as it has this fantastic vibrancy to the colours without getting to over saturated, also the grain structure is outstanding.

I also tend to shoot a lot of black and white and I think some of my favourite photographs that I have taken have been with Ilford HP5+

Film cameras
- Canon EOS300
- Yashica Electro 35 gsn
- Yashica Flex New B TLR
- Konica C35AF2 (currently going through repair)